Salvaschiena Ruby counteracts the negative effects resulting from incorrect postures while seated. Thanks to its exclusive design it is the only aid able to boast 100% of positive results against skeletal muscle stress.

Thanks to its unique and patented innovations, Salvaschiena Ruby counteracts the negative effects generated by incorrect postures while seated preventing or reducing (if already existing) lower back pain symptoms.

KOMODO the unique ergonomic cushion at three-dimensional wedge and with non-slip support. Its 6 active actions improve the seat comfort, reducing pressure on glutes, coccyx and lumbar vertebras.

ACTION n.1: Lumbar support
ACTION n.2: Postoperative recovery
ACTION n.3: Relief action on the coccyx
ACTION n.4: Prevent Prostate Diseases Hemorrhoinds and Fracture of the Coccyx
ACTION n.5: Prevent sciatic pain and bedsores
ACTION n.6: Non-slip