The unique ergonomic cushion at three-dimensional wedge and with non-slip support.

Patented Model. The exclusiveness of its forms improves the seat comfort, reducing pressure on glutes, coccyx and lumbar vertebras.

Large type apt for wheel chairs and office
Medium type apt for car

Every cushion has its own fixing belt
€ 92,00
1st ACTION : Lumbar support

Cuscion KOMODO™ allows to keep the pysiological anterversion of the pelvis reducing the retroversion and the conseguent straightening of the lumbar curve.

2nd ACTION: Postoperative recovery

Cushion KOMODO™ offers the maximum backing surface to the gluteus muscles thus facilitating the natural inclination of the pubic bone angle (85° - 130°) and reducing the formation of bedsorses caused by prolonged period in sitting position.

3rd ACTION: Relief action on the coccyx

Cushion KOMODO™ ergonomically accommodates the sacrum and assists the thermoregulation in order to reduce crushing and overheating.

4th ACTION: Prevent Prostate diseases hemorrhoids and fracture of the coccyx

Cushion KOMODO™ with its central flaring in the longitudinal section prevents prostatic compression and the crushing and overheating of the hemorrhoids.

5th ACTION: prevent bedsores

Cushion KOMODO™ in its two resting portions has got ergonomic depressions to distribute more uniform pressure on gluteus and hamstring muscles thus reproducing the benefits against bedsores and sciatic pain that from suspension or flotation.


Cushion KOMODO™ in its central-front part has an higher part to prevent slipping forward assisiting the first of the six active action, that is to keep the physiological anterversion of the pelvis. 


Place the cushion on the seat whit the zipper facing down and the grey higher part facing forward. 


The external material is made of transpiring microfiber, resistant to more than 60.000 rubbings, washable at low temperatures. The inside is realized with 3 different materials: visoelastic antidecubitus, high density elastic polyurethane and comfort density polyurethane. These are assembled and stratified together in order to give the highest lever of ergonomic design and comfort.