R&M™ Cervical for Cars

Benefits on the osteo articular system

Patented Model. The ergonomic design of R&M™ cushion allows to keep a physiological posture of the cervical vertebrae while driving.
€ 55,00

The incorrect posture of the cervical vertebrae and the constant muscle tension of the neck reduces blood supply to the brain and originates a variety of symptoms such as pain in the neck, shoulders and arms - headache - eye fatigue - dizziness - nausea.The main cause for neck pain are a sedentary lifestyle and incorrect posture when in a sitting position.The ergonomic cushion R&M™ has been designed and developed to allow 7 cervical vertebrae to keep a correct posture while driving. The uniqueness of its shape and its particular padding enable to create a place to accomodate the cervical curve, actively filling the space between neck and headrest, so to prevent and contrast the unnatural tension and alteration of muscles, ligaments, intervertebral disks and joins of the neck.


The padding of R&M™ cushion in made of an hypoallergenic microcellular foam completely realized with plants extracts that guarantee an excellent resistance to deformation and wear.The external material is fire retardant, transpiring, resistant to more than 60.000 rubbings, washable at low temperatures.