System Relax™

The first and only aid in the world designed to safeguard the health of those who need to work close to the ground

There are many workers, among which tilers, coachbuilders, mechanic, electricians, tire specialists, merchandiser, etc. (only to cite some) that always more frequently and from a younger age, suffer from lumbar pathologies caused by herniated discs ( intervertebral disc out of place), gonalgia (knees inflammation), dorsal kyphosis (accentuated and non-physiological bending forward of the upper part of the back), shoulders’ and ankles’ tendinitis, compressions and stagnation against the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems of the lower limbs.It is well known that these and other pathologies occur as a consequence of repeated and cyclic incorrect postural movements.
€ 195,00
Comfortable position

SYSTEM RELAX™ enables to have a physiological and comfortable position, adjusting the seat at the right height and leaning on more points: knees and gluteus, then unloading joints and muscles that would otherwise be subjected to tensions.The ergonomic position compensates and provides a counterbalancing in every single movements. Every point of support is coated with a soft and padded support for better sustaining the anatomic parts.

Saving of time

SYSTEM RELAX™ also guarantees a saving of time when we need to move thanks to the pivoting wheels is equipped with.

3rd April 2009 in Ginevra

The 3rd of April 2009 SYSTEM RELAX™ Is placed to the international attention as Indispensable aid for safety, safeguard and maintaining of the worker health, gaining the Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Ginevra.