Cervical Roll

Original McKenzie

Placed between pillow and pillowcase helps relieve neck pain and scapular, supporting the neck during sleep. 
€ 52,50
Designed to provide optimum support for your neck.

Designed to provide an optimal support to the neck. Placed between pillow and pillowcase helps to relieve cervical and shoulder blades pain, supporting the neck during sleep. Especially recommended when the symptoms develop as consequence of an incorrect posture in the night or due to not ergonomic cushions and mattresses. Thought and designed by Robin McKenzie, an international authority in the diagnosis and treatment of lumbar and cervical pain. Insert the original cervical cushion McKenzie between pillow and pillowcase, lie down placing the vertebrae on the cushion. The cervical spine (neck) will then be supported while confortably sleeping. Covered with washable fabric.


Lenght 49 cm, width 9 cm / Density: Medium